West of Scotland

Convenor – Gavin Lundy


The SNP is the only party that can deliver a strong voice for the Scottish people. Like thousands of others, I joined the party after seeing what politics was capable of doing during the referendum. I am enjoying playing my part in securing another SNP majority government, and I relish the chance to voice a positive message in the EU referendum. I was involved in Generation Yes during the referendum campaign. During the General Election I was lucky enough to articulate the SNP’s arguments on BBC media as part of Generation 2015. Now, as convener, I want to make sure we nurture enthusiasm at the grassroots level because the success of the party and Scotland’s politics is ensured only by engagement.


Vice Convenor – Lauren Rankin

12910981_1003976579656433_852059080_n-2My name is Lauren Rankin, I am 21 years old and I am currently studying Psychology at GCU. I have only recently gained an interest in politics, thanks to the referendum. I joined the SNP after the referendum as I believe that young people deserve a voice in the future of our country. I am looking forward to working closely with other young people and insuring that our beliefs and ideas are heard. I am an active campaigner within the party and I would love to get more young people involved.


Secretary – Lawrence Stewart


I am a Geography student at the University of Glasgow. I am also on the executive of SNP CND and Social Media Officer of my local branch, Eastwood. I am a member of the SNP because of its drive for social justice and equality. I hope to work to get more young members of the SNP involved in campaigning and the party as a whole.


Treasurer – Daniel McBride


I am an Accounting student the University of the West of Scotland living in Kirkintilloch. I am a founding member and Convenor/Treasurer of SNP Students UWS Paisley. I joined the party a couple of weeks before the Independence Referendum when I realised that the Scottish National Party is the only party in Scotland that can make Scottish Independence a reality. I was really disappointed in the No vote that resulted and it inspired me to continue the journey towards Scottish Independence. By participating in the campaigns to elect SNP politicians, we take a step closer to that goal.



Equalities Officer – Lauren Martin

12919240_1003978199656271_789629341_nI’m currently a social sciences student at Glasgow Caledonian University, Youth Officer of my local branch, a feminist, and a huge proponent of the SNP hi-vis. I’ve always been interested in politics but like a lot of young people, I didn’t become an activist until the independence referendum. It was during the Yes campaign that I realised that politics isn’t somebody else’s business, it’s ours. I was relieved to find that so many people my age felt the same and were so passionate about social justice and equal opportunities.


Political Education – Callum Reid

12900020_1003975766323181_1284184661_n.jpgHaving become involved in the Yes Campaign, I am now one of the newest and youngest members of the SNP Renfrew and Gallowhill branch and I enjoy  campaign during election time. I am also the youngest member of my community council with possibility of being the youngest ever member. I have been the Political Education Officer for my local branch since September 2015 which has involved engaging with branch members and helped them build knowledge of new legislation, policies and current events. I hopes the skills I have developed for this role with SNP Youth West.

Organiser – Fionn Mcoll

12920891_1003978586322899_472759552_n-2.jpgHi I’m Fionn and I’m from Greenock and I joined to make a difference in my area and in the whole of Scotland. I took on the role of organiser for the west of Scotland Branch so that I could play a bigger part in the running of the youth side of SNP.