North East

Convenor – Josh Mennie


Currently 22 years old, Josh works in the social care sector as a Support Worker.

Engaged by the Scottish Independence Referendum, he initially got involved in his first campaign in the 2015 UK General Election.

Since then, Josh has been an avid SNP activist and looks forward to promoting political youth involvement throughout the North East of Scotland.


Twitter: @Josh_Many

Campaign Officer – Martin Close


Martin is a 17 year old pupil at Bucksburn Academy.

He is currently the Youth Officer for Aberdeen Donside and is hugely engaged in Scottish politics.

Martin is an active member of the party and looks forward to bringing the SNP’s message of equality and independence to young people across the North East.



Political Education Officer – Samantha Le Sommer

12814810_235424496802283_1238692748541188393_n-2Samantha is 26 years old and is currently studying for her PhD in Medical Sciences.

She joined the SNP following the Scottish Independence Referendum after being inspired by the positive vision of a fairer Scotland for all.






Twitter: @curexcomplex

Equalities Officer – Leigh Wilson

12803171_235424503468949_3581058487738094366_n-221 years old, Leigh has been an SNP member since he was 16, campaigning for the party on independence and other progressive issues. Currently the Youth Officer for Stonehaven & Mearns branch, he has led one of the fastest growing youth movements in the party.

Now as Equalities Officer Youth North East Association, he hopes to champion causes such as increasing the number of ethnic minority members and candidates within the party, as well as building a more just and fair economy to end the growing disparity between the richest and the poorest within our society.


Treasurer – Theo Forbes


Currently 17, Theo describes how he was engaged by the Scottish Independence referendum and outlines independence as one of the driving forces behind his political dreams. Theo’s first campaign was during the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, fast becoming one of SNP Youth’s core activists. He aspires to encourage more young people like himself to get involved in politics and continue the fight for Scottish Independence.