PRIDE Glasgow

PRIDE is a celebration of how far we’ve come, and a reminder of how far we still need to go. The days of furtive and toxic secrecy and oppression, of narrow hate and small-mindedness are drawing to an end. Nations have taken stride after stride, enacted policy after policy and it has been a long, painful and frustrating process but now we are getting close. Only now, centuries down the line is our small and beautiful country finally nearing true equality; we have quite possibly the most progressive government in human history and boast a majority of our party leaders being LGBT.

The struggle, however, continues. In these modern times scores of people are being harassed and marginalised, brutalised, dejected, rejected, loathed and abused. Still nations force their LGBT+ citizens to live on the edge of death, to be denied the right to marry, have children, to live as men and women and all the glorious things that lay between, and all too often, deny them their right to live.

Our PRIDE festival we celebrated only days ago was an act of defiance against every injustice any one of us has suffered. I understand ours is a society of overwhelming peace and equality, but all too often the worst can happen to most vulnerable people, even here. But of this party, this nation and this monumental movement of love and colour and hope I am garishly, obscenely and inordinately proud and implore you too, reader, to take PRIDE.

Christopher Adam


Author: Young Scots for Independence

Young Scots For Independence