End of Action Days and on to the 5th May!

This Saturday marked the last SNP Youth National Day of Action in the run up to the Scottish parliamentary election.

For the last two months we have asked our members to give up just one day a week to join together and share our message of a progressive SNP Scotland with voters across the country. Our Regional Associations have lead similar campaigns so that no effort is spared in making sure that all SNP candidates are supported by young members and a youth message.

It goes without saying that young members of the party have a lot to shout about with widened access to university, protection of college places, and further investment in free education all promised in the #SP16 Manifesto. The SNP are not only helping young people but the party are also listening to our specific concerns. Our campaign for inclusivity in schools has been taken on board and translated into a full manifesto commitment. This is a truly fantastic time to be a young person in the SNP.

A day on the doors in Motherwell was a perfect way to end our #SP16 National Days. Motherwell was a long-time Labour town where a well-recognised phenomenon has been taking place: as labour have left voters in Scotland, voters in Scotland have responded by leaving Labour. It was clear to us that the voters on the doors feel that the only party that can be trusted to stand up for Motherwell is the SNP. Clare Adamson and the Scottish Steel Taskforce left no stone unturned in securing a new owner for Motherwell’s steel works; protecting the town’s vital and historic industry.

For a Government that is stronger for steel, stronger for young people and stronger for Scotland it has to be both votes SNP. This is the message we shared with the voters of Motherwell and the message we will keep sharing until 10pm on the 5th May.


Author: Young Scots for Independence

Young Scots For Independence