West Coast Update

The SNP youth support in the West Coast of Scotland has been phenomenal in recent years. Young people have never been more involved in decisions affecting them and now that 16 and 17 year olds can vote, they have a bigger say in their futures. The Referendum on Scottish independence brought young people together and showed that young people are interested in their country’s future and how Scotland should go forward. Young people have been involved in lots of different campaigns for example the general election campaign and others such as LGBT rights campaigns and mental health campaigns that are more local. Local MSYP’S have been starting campaigns to raise awareness of different issues that can and do affect young people across Scotland.

After the referendum people thought that things would go back to the way they were but it was exactly the opposite, Young people became even more involved in their community and even got involved in the general election campaign and participation is continuing to grow every single day with more Young people coming forward to get involved in politics. In this way young people get to tell governments about issues that are important to them in their area. The launch of more local branches of the SNP youth means more young people can become involved. Ultimately this can only help Scotland and themselves in the wider world.

Fionn Mccole
SNP Youth

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Author: Young Scots for Independence

Young Scots For Independence