Post-Study Work Visa

Across our city in Glasgow we see signs that ‘People Make Glasgow’ and I hope you will agree with me that one of the benefits of our city is its welcoming people. International students make Glasgow and make the student experience more vibrant. The SNP made the case to the Smith Commission that Scotland should get more devolution. At every opportunity, the UK Government has blocked the SNP’s amendments to the Scotland Bill going through Parliament

It’s therefore really disappointing to see that Post-Study Work Visa will not be reinstated in Scotland, despite the cross-party consensus there is on this matter.

I campaigned for the reintroduction of Post-Study Work Visa with other international students. Scotland’s international students make our country richer and more diverse and contribute massively to our research, our economy, and our society.

This UK Government’s illogical decision will leave International Students unable to gain graduate employment in the Scotland, and makes Scotland less attractive to prospective international students – students who contribute millions of pounds to the Scottish economy.

Our Scottish Government has been working hard with cross-party support to re-introduce post-study work visas. We want to encourage more talented people from around the world to further their education in Scotland, providing income for Scotland’s education institutions and contributing to the local economy and community diversity.

The Tories have disregard Scotland’s Smith Commission, by ruling out a return of the post-study work visa and it is utterly unacceptable that this has been done without a second thought for Scotland’s interests or the support that this scheme has in Scotland.

During the Scotland Bill’s discussions, the post-study work visa was designated as a non-legislative item to be discussed by the Scottish and UK Governments and so was not actually included in this already flawed and watered-down legislation.

It’s important to take into consideration that Scotland’s has a different immigration needs to the rest of the UK and the SNP will continue to call for the post-study work visa to be devolved so that talented students from around the world can continue to live in Scotland and contribute to our economy.

The Post-Study Work is not only essential for Scotland’s economic growth, but also to show the world we are open for business.

Roza Salih
SNP Youth, Equalities Officer

Photo by Mike Thomson


Author: Young Scots for Independence

Young Scots For Independence