Disarmament, nothing less

Recently on twitter I saw a video of Nuclear Weapons making their way past Stirling Castle.

I was shocked at just how close to home that is. I thought of what I was doing on Saturday night and asked myself if I felt safe knowing that just a few miles a way a convoy of Weapons of Mass Destruction were being moved in lorries.

My re-tweet read “I never get the argument that WMDs make people feel safe. This certainly does not make me feel safe!” and it doesn’t!

It is only thanks to the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament that this information is known, further information on their website states the “convoy took a rest at Forthside Barracks in  Stirling for an hour, emerging into the  football crowds making their way home from the match.  Their route took them along the M74, M73, M9, A811 and finally the unmarked ‘Haul  Road’ from Lochlomondside to Coulport, arriving at 7pm.”

I really don’t get the argument that nuclear weapons make us safer, not only are they a huge cost to maintain, they are hazardous to handle and transport. And lets just for a second suspend reality and think about what would happen if we were plunged into a nuclear war, strangely, the very thing that nuclear weapons are trying to prevent. Imagine we were in nuclear warfare, who would be the prime target? Peaceful Iceland? Non-Nuclear Denmark? I’m pretty sure Scotland would be one of the first to go.

I’ve not really slept easy since seeing this video if I’m honest. I have known Scotland is home to nuclear weapons for a while, I have campaigned against them from a young age, however seeing this video brought it home. The UK’s nuclear weapons are based just thirty miles from Glasgow, from Scotland’s biggest city, from my home, from my friends and from my family.

The SNP have continually campaigned against Trident and the renewal of these warheads. With renewal fast approaching we must send a clear message to Westminster. Our only option is disarmament, nothing less.

Rhiannon Spear


Photo from Royal Navy Media Archive


Author: Young Scots for Independence

Young Scots For Independence