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To get involved with campaigning activities with SNP Youth come along to the launch of the Lothian Regional Association. More information available on the Facebook page –


2016 is set to be another historic election year with the Scottish Parliament elections taking place on the 5th May 2016. The polls are looking good for the SNP but we must not get complacent in that fact. Yes, we have had an incredible 2 terms in Scottish Government, but we must continue to fight for every single vote.

Since the independence referendum in 2014, things in Scotland have changed. The country is more politically aware and in a lot of cases, more involved in politics. From snippets of conversations on the bus to debates held in City Chambers, you can see that the general public are taking more interest in politics and want to be able to change how our country is run. That is no different in Edinburgh and the Lothian’s.

For the Scottish Parliament elections, Lothian is split into 9 constituencies; Edinburgh Central, Edinburgh Northern and Leith, Edinburgh Eastern, Edinburgh Western, Edinburgh Pentlands, Edinburgh Southern, Midlothian North and Musselburgh, Linlithgow and Almond Valley. These constituencies use the First Past the Post voting system to elect the constituency MSP. The 2nd vote on the ballot uses the Additional Members System to elect the Regional MSP’s. These Regional MSP’s will cover all of the 9 constituencies.

For the majority of these constituencies, campaigning began well before Christmas time in preparation for the launch of the official campaign which kick started on the 9th January. The SNP have 9 great candidates standing across Lothian who have been working hard to gain the votes of the public. Since September hundreds of volunteers have been out across Lothian helping win our candidates votes. There has been canvassing, street stalls, café politics, talks, leafleting, fundraising events, adoption dinners and branch meetings. No matter the weather, the volunteers are out with the candidates working hard for Scotland.

As a party we take nothing for granted. Every single vote counts and we will work hard to win it. Scotland and its people are at the heart of every single policy and decision made by the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon has clearly put education at the heart of our policies, making sure that every child that grows up in Scotland has the same opportunities in life. Along with education, we are fighting to protect our NHS and improve it, get rid of gender inequality, protect the people through the police service and put an end to poverty. It is a lot to do without all the powers to do it, but as a party we have a pretty impressive record considering Westminster is doing the opposite and making the worst of cuts to the poorest in our country. The SNP will always put the people of Scotland first and will continue to fight Tory austerity.

In an election year it is possible that parties will make bold statements and create short term fixes to win them votes. That is not how the SNP do things. We are out there fighting for the people and creating long term plans to make life better for the people in our country.

As the Youth Campaign Coordinator for Edinburgh Central I have been working hard to engage young people to get involved with the campaigning. It is important that as a party we engage with the young people in our country, after all they are the future. To me, youth engagement in the political process is hugely important. We have to be able to have a say in how our country is run and voice the issues that mean the most to us. The youth campaign team for Edinburgh Central are a dynamic group of young people who work hard to engage our peers and ultimately win the votes for our candidate. As a team we work together to put on events and campaigning days for young people to get involved in. we are very much looking forward to linking up with the other 8 constituencies to run a great youth campaign. That is where the National SNP Youth come in. At the end of January we will be launching our Regional Association for Lothian. This will be a great chance to take campaigning into our own hands and work together as a region to hold that SNP majority in Holyrood. We will work hard right up until election day to prove to the people of Scotland that we are the best choice for our country.



Author: Young Scots for Independence

Young Scots For Independence